Subclass 888 visa is a permanent visa that belongs to business innovation and investment.  The subclass 888 visa allows the applicant to continue to manage and own a business in Australia, to continue with the business and the investment activities in Australia and allows the applicant to continue with the entrepreneurial activities.   For you to be eligible for subclass 888 visa, you must be a holder of the primary visa of the provisional business innovation and the investment visa and primary visa must have met the requirements highlighted, a secondary visa holder who is either a spouse or he/ she is a de facto partner of subclass 88 visa holder, you must have a special class visa and met all the requirements needed, lastly, you must not be involved in any unacceptable business innovation and investment activities.  Before applying make sure that you have acquired the mentioned requirements for at least one year before making an application. You must have records that are satisfactory according to the Commonwealth laws. As an applicant, you must have been nominated by the Australia state on behalf of Australia government.  You and your family members in the application form must meet all the character and health requirements and you must show the real commitment to maintaining the business or the investment activities. Before applying subclass 888, you and the members of the family who are included in the application form must make sure that you do not have any outstanding balance of the Australia government. If you are applying subclass 888 in the investor stream, you must make sure that you are in Australia and held the provisional visa for at least two years of four years before you make an application. In addition, make sure that you have a designated investment with the Australia territory for about four years.

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