Subclass 890 visa is a permanent visa that allows one to stay, work and study in Australia additional, subclass 890 allows the holder to travel in and from Australia for around 5 years, sponsor the eligible relative and apply for Australian citizenship. Subclass 890 visa is known as business owner visa.  Subclass 890 visa is meant for people who manage and own businesses in Australia.  You might be successful in getting subclass 890 visa if you have either of the following visas subclass 160, 164,165,162 and 160.  You must meet all the requirements listed on one of the above visas that you hold. You must have lived in Australia for at least one years on one of the named visas. You must meet the health requirements listed on the visa application form.  The health results are normally valid for 12 months only.  The immigration department is the one that arranges for the health examination, therefore applicants are advised not to conduct one unless they are requested by the department. The applicant must prove the commitment to maintaining the business or investment in Australia. When applying for subclass 888, make sure that you have never been involved in any unacceptable business activities. You can show that you meet the requirements needed in the application of subclass 890 by having the ownership of the business in Australia, acquisition of the business and showing how you have managed the main businesses in Australia. Applicant must be ready to meet some character requirements. Applicants must be ready to produce police certificates from the country they lived for 12 months.  The applicants are not supposed to get police certificate unless asked by the immigration department. Before making application of subclass888, you must make sure that you do not have any outstanding debt from the Australia government. The applicant must be in Australia when subclass 890 visa is being lodged. Lastly, the applicant must comply with the conditions listed in the application form.

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