The Australian business that does not meet the needed skills can sponsor a people for the overseas on a temporary basis for a least of 4 years.  The sponsorship, the visa application, and nomination are the three major steps in the application process of bringing the overseas staff.  The business that needs to bring the temporary oversea staff must seek the approval as a sponsor. This is by demonstrating that the business is of a good stand and should highlight the benefits of the overseas staff.  The business must meet some undertakings in relation to the sponsored employee.  The business must nominate each of place to be filled.  The nomination must meet the occupation that is entitled to meet the least skills that cover the managerial, professional and the trade occupations.  The details of the business and the nominee should be produced to make sure that comprehensive application is submitted.  The person identified by the business to fill the vacancy must apply for a visa for the ease of entering and remaining in Australia.  The visa applicant must prove the skills and qualifications to the nominated occupation.

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