Temporary work (international relations) visa (subclass 403) is a type of visa that allows one to come to Australia on a temporary basis to the bilateral agreement, participation in a seasonal work program, for a diplomat in domestic work and to represent a foreign government.   The process of temporary work (international relations) visa (subclass 403) varies with time and stream nominated.  You are eligible for temporary work (international relations) visa ( subclass 403) if you have genuine intention of staying temporary in Australia,  if you have the adequate arrangements of health insurance, if you meet  the health and character requirements needed and if you are applying temporary work ( international relations) visa ( subclass 403) you must  hold a qualifying visa that is substantive visa but must not be either of these special purpose visa and subclass 771. When applying temporary work (international relations) visa (subclass 403), you must be financially stable to support you and any family member while you are temporary in Australia.  It is necessary to give financial evidence in your visa application form.  It is a must you meet health requirements listed.  Health examinations normally depend on personal circumstances and the time of stay, citizenship and time spent in other countries. The health results are usually valid for 12 months only. Remember that nobody is  responsible for your health cost while in Australia and you are not enrolled in unless if your country has a health care agreement with Australia.  If you are intending to stay in Australia for more than 12 months, then you must give a police certificate for the country you have stayed for more than 12 months of the ten years since you turned 16 years of age.  You are entitled to pay some cost for temporary work (international relations) visa (subclass 403).

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