Training visa (subclass 407) allows the applicant after the visa has been granted to take part in the work-based training to improve the skills of the current occupation. Training visa (subclass 407) is not meant to people who their intention is to work.   Training visa (subclass 407) guarantees a stay of 2years from when the visa is granted.  Training visa (subclass 407) takes 54-88 days to be processed though the processing time varies.  The processing is enhanced by whether you as an applicant, you have lodged a complete application form, and whether you have responded to the requests made promptly. To be eligible for training visa (subclass 407) you must meet all the requirements that are highlighted in the visa application form.  As an applicant, you must have an evidence on your functional English language skills.  You must be financially stable and you must give an evidence of the financial support.  You must be able to cater for your upkeep and other members accompanying you. As an applicant, you are required to meet the health requirements. The health requirements depend on the personal circumstances which include the period of stay, the citizenship and time spent in another country.  The applicant is supposed to have health insurance. As an applicant, you will be responsible for your health cost during your stay in Australia.  The training visa (subclass 407) are not entitled to Medicare benefits.  You as an applicant you must meet character requirements.  You are at one point required to produce police certificate if you over 16 years.  Before applying for training visa (subclass 407) make sure that you don’t have any outstanding debt from the Australian government.  The wages and salaries are paid in accordance with Australian laws.  You can be within or outside Australia when the visa is being lodged. The applicants are required to adhere to the visa conditions listed in the application form.

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