Business talent (permanent) visa (subclass 132) is  type of permanent visa known to  permit one to set up new  and, or develop the businesses in existence that are found in  Australia.  Business talent (permanent) visa (subclass 132) is composed of two streams namely the significant business history stream and venture capital entrepreneur stream. Significant business history stream is a stream meant for high caliber business owners with interesting of doing business in Australia and venture capital entrepreneur stream belongs to  people who are known to have venture capital funding from the member of Australian venture capital association limited. The processing time of the business talent (permanent) visa (subclass 132) varies with time and the stream nominated. You are eligible to business talent (permanent) visa (subclass 132) if you have been invited to apply, you meet the extra requirements of the stream you have applied, you have met the character and health requirements and if you have been nominated by State or territory government.  Your health results will be valid for 12 months only and this applies to all members that are included in the visa application form. You are required to give police certificate and you are advised not arrange for a police certificate unless you are requested to do so and it applies to all members who have been included in visa application form. The police certificate should from the country that you have lived for 12 months 10 years after you turned 16 years of age. You must make sure that you do not have any outstanding debt that belongs to Australian government before making business talent (permanent) visa (subclass 132) application. Business talent (permanent) visa (subclass132) allows you to stay, work and study in Australia, you are able to sponsor the eligible relative, you can travel to and from Australia and you can be able to apply for Australian citizenship.

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