Carer visa(subclass 116) is a permanent visa that is meant for someone who needs to move to Australia to take care of the relative who lives in Australia and it also meant for someone who wants to move to Australia to aid a relative who is in a long permanent medical condition. The relative must be an Australian citizen and a permanent resident and must have been assessed that is need of care and must not be able to get care from another source in Australia. You can only get carer visa (subclass 116) if your relative has medical conditions that must be assessed by Bupa medical visa services, you relative must not have any other from Australia to get care, you must be willing to give real care needed, you must be aware of the kind of care needed and you must meet character and health requirements. Remember you can only apply for carer visa (subclass116) if your relative who is in need is a permanent residence in Australia. The relative can be a partner, child, brother, grandparent, sister, aunt, uncle among others. The health results obtained are only valid for 12 months and you are advised not to arrange for health examination unless you are requested to do so. A police certificate is a mandatory requirement for everyone who is 16 years and above. You are to give police certificate from the country you have lived 12 months for 10 years after you turned 16 years of age. If at you are 18 years and above, you are required to sign Australian Values Statement. This confirms that you are going to respect Australian way of life together with Australian laws. The Australian Values Statement is included in the visa application form. Remember to clear any outstanding debt that belongs to Australian government before you make carer visa (subclass 116) application. Carer visa (subclass 116) application is subject to capping and queuing arrangements. You must be outside Australia when applying for carer visa and when the visa is granted.

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