Child visa (subclass 802) allows a child who is in Australia to stay in Australia.  It is a permanent visa and for a child to eligible for child visa (subclass 802) a child must be single and of special age requirements. Child visa (subclass 802) takes 12- 14 months to be processed. To be able to get child visa (subclass 802) a child must be sponsored by the parent or the parent partner, the child must be single, the child must be either under 18 years of age, or a child is a full-time student of 18-25 years and or a child   is 18 years or older but is unable to work as a result of disability and the child is dependent on parent.  The child sponsor who is child’s parent must be the Australian citizen and holds a permanent residence visa. The partner of the parent can be able to sponsor a child and the partner must also be an Australian citizen. The child must biological or adopted the child to the sponsor or a stepchild who has not turned 18 years of age. Child visa (subclass 802) is not granted if it against the interest of the child who is less than 18 years. The child is required to meet certain health requirements. The health results obtained are only valid for 12 months only. Apart from health requirements, a child who is 16 years and more are also required to meet certain character requirements.   The child who is over 16 years is required to give a police certificate from the country lived for 12 months after the child turned 16 years of age and child is advised not to arrange for police certificate unless when requested. To be eligible for child visa (subclass 802), a child must not have any outstanding debt that belongs to the government of Australia. This type of visa allows the eligible parent to sponsor the child to live indefinitely in Australia. Child visa (subclass 802) allows the child to be enrolled in Medicare, travel to and from Australia for 5 years, apply for citizenship and work and study in Australia. The child must be in Australia when the visa application is lodged and decided.

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