Contributory parent (temporary) visa (subclass 173) is a temporary visa that is allows the parents of an Australian settled citizen who is a permanent residence to live in Australia on a temporary basis.   If you have been granted contributory parent (temporary) visa (subclass 173) and you want to stay permanently in Australia, you can apply contributory parent visa (subclass 143).  When applying for contributory parent (temporary) visa (subclass 173) you must have a child who is an Australian citizen and the child must be permanently residing in Australia. The length of stay recommended for contributory parent (temporary) visa (subclass173) holders is 2 years. Contributory parent (temporary) visa (subclass173) takes 37- 39 months to be processed. You must be sponsored by your child who must be 18 years and above.  The sponsor can sponsor more than one parent for this type of visa. You must meet the balance of family test. The balance of family test means that at least half of your children must be permanently living in Australia. You must meet certain health and character requirements. In case you have any outstanding debt that belongs to Australian government before you make the application.  if you have any of your visas canceled or refused you may not be eligible for contributory parent( temporary) visa (subclass 173). The contributory parent (temporary) visa (subclass 173) cost is paid in two installments though you may be required to pay extra cost to cater for health assessments, police certificates, and the biometrics. The visa cannot be re-applied. The visa starts the date you enter Australia.

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