Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 858) is a visa that is meant for the people who have distinguished talent.  Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 858) allows one to permanently in Australia.  The processing of distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) varies with time.  Distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) is eligible to people who are internationally recognized for the outstanding achievements.   You are not eligible for distinguished talent visa (subclass 858) if at all you hold one of the following subclass visas, they are subclass 601, 988, 488,400,676,651, 600, 456 and special purpose visa.  As an applicant, you are required to prove the remarkable abilities and extraordinary achievements that are not likely to diminish in future.  You achievements are supposed to be acclaimed as exceptional internationally when the relevant field is practiced.  The said field must have recognition in Australia as well as in international countries.  You must show how Australian government will benefit from your achievements and remarkable abilities socially, economically and culturally.  You must be nominated by eligible organization or person within your field.   The eligible organization or person refer to the Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, and Australian peak organization and must be regarded throughout Australia. As an applicant of distinguished talent visa (subclass 858), you must have functional English and it is a must you give evidence of functional English. If you are not in a position of providing functional English evidence and you are over 18 years, then you are required to pay the second installment of your visa application charge. You must meet the health requirements listed on the visa application form. The health results are only valid for 12 months and you are required to organize for your health examination before the visa application is being lodged. You must give police certificate during visa application, however, you are not supposed to arrange on how to get one before you are requested to do so by the department. You must be in Australia when your visa application is being decided.

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