Electronic travel authority (subclass 601) is a type of visa that allows you to stay Australia for 3 months on each visit you make, allows you to visit Australia as a visitor and visit Australia for business purposes as many times you wish for 12 months. Electronic travel authority (subclass 601) does not allow you to work in Australia. On some occasions, you are required to use a travel agent when applying electronic travel authority (subclass 601). Not everybody who can apply for this visa online but it is meant for people who hold certain passports. Electronic travel authority is electronically stored authority used by a traveler who travels to Australia. You are required to be outside Australia while you are applying electronic travel authority (subclass 601) and when it is decided. If you are granted electronic travel authority (subclass601), the other visa that you may be holding may be affected. Though there are no charges for Electronic travel authority(subclass 601),  you will be required to pay AUD20 for online application.

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