Evisitor (subclass 651) visa a free visa that allows you to visit Australia as a visitor or visit for business purposes for 3-12 months. You are required to apply for Evisitor (subclass 651) visa when you are outside Australia and when you have a valid passport from the eligible country. When applying for evisitor (subclass 651) visa it is not a must you visit the immigration offices as you are not to get a stamp but you will be given the confirmation of your visa records. The evisitor is electronically stored for the travels to Australia. The evisitor can be assessed by the travel agents, airlines and Australian border agencies. Evisitor (subclass 651) visa allows you to enter Australia for 3 months of 12 months, study in Australia for 3 months, visit or have a holiday with your family and engage in business visitor activities.  The evisitor is linked with your passport, and for this reason, you are required to travel with your passport to Australia. If you get a new passport when you are in Australia, then you are required to apply for another evisitor (subclass651) visa as long the one you are holding is valid. You are eligible for evisitor (subclass 651) visa if you a holder of the evisitor passports, you are outside Australia, if you test negative in tuberculosis the time you are entering Australia and if you have no criminal records for last 12 months. You meet both health and character requirements for you to be eligible for evisitor (subclass 561) visa. You are responsible for your health cost as you will not be enrolled in Medicare while you are in Australia unless if your country has a health care agreement with the Australian government. When applying for evisitor (subclass 651) visa you make sure that you do not have any outstanding debt that belongs to the Australian government. Once you evisitor(subclass 651) visa has been approved, the notification will be sent through an email and you are required to keep a copy while traveling to Australia as it provided the evisitor grant number, conditions and the date the evisitor (subclass651) visa starts.

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