Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is type of  permanent residence visa that will allow nominated skilled workers by Australian State/ territory to both live and also work in Australia.  To be eligible for skilled nominated visa (subclass 190) you must receive an invitation to apply for a visa if you nominated in the Australia State or territory, you must meet the relevant qualification and skills of the intended occupation, you must meet the points score on your invitation letter, you must have competent English, you must be under 45 years of age, you must meet health requirements and you must be of good character. You will not be eligible for the skilled nominated visa (subclass 190) if you had a visa that was cancelled or refused.  Make sure that there is no outstanding debt before applying for the skilled nominated visa (subclass 190). The visa allows you to stay, work and study in Australia, enroll for a Medicare, you are able to sponsor eligible relative, you can travel to and from Australia and you can be able to apply for Australian citizenship. You can be in or outside Australia when making the visa application and when the decision for visa application is made. Visa starts immediately after it has been granted.  You are required to comply with Australia law and visa conditions while you are in Australia.

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