Transit visa (subclass771) is the visa that lets both you and dependent children transit through Australia by air for not more than 72 hours. The processing time for a transit visa (subclass 771) is 6-10 days. You are eligible for a transit visa (subclass 771) if you want to pass via Australia with a mission of joining ship as the crew member and if you need to pass via Australia going to another country. Before applying for a transit visa (subclass 771) you are required to meet certain health and character requirements.  You will be responsible of your health cost the time you spend in Australia as you cannot enroll for Medicare unless your country is in reciprocal health care agreement with the Australian government. Make sure that your health insurance covers you and your dependent children. You are required to be ready to give police certificate when you are requested to do so from the country you have lived for  about 12 months of the 10  years after turning 16 years of age. You are advised not to arrange for police certificate unless you are requested to do so. You will not be eligible for the transit visa (subclass 771) if you have an outstanding debt that belongs to the Australian government. Therefore you are required to arrange how to repay before the visa is granted.  Transit visa (subclass 771) does not allow you to work in Australia. There is no cost that is paid when applying transit visa (subclass 771). When applying transit visa (subclass 771), you and anybody included in the visa application form must be outside Australia when the visa is lodged and granted. Transit visa (subclass 771) is valid for 72 hours and further transit visa (subclass 771) cannot be granted while you are in Australia. Therefore you cannot stay in Australia for more than 72 hours if you are transit visa (subclass771), holder.

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