Working holiday visa (subclass 417)   is a visa meant for people of less age who may want a holiday and same time allowed to work.  Working holiday visa (subclass 417)  temporary visa is meant for young people. Working holiday visa encourages the bond  Australia and other eligible countries and cultural exchange.  When applying working holiday visa (subclass 417) for the first holiday you must not be in Australia.  For the second holiday application, you must be in Australia during the application time and when the visa is granted but if you apply when you are outside Australia, then you must not be in Australia when the visa is granted.  You can only work for 6 months under one employer.  Working holiday visa (subclass 417) allows you to stay in Australia for only 12 months, you are allowed to study for four months, you can work for 6 months and you can go from and to Australia several times while your visa is valid. When applying for this visa, you must have valid documents and passport. You get a passport before applying a working holiday visa (subclass 417). You are not eligible for working holiday visa (subclass 417) if you hold a visa with the condition of ‘no further stay’. You are required to pay cost during the working holiday visa (subclass 417) application. You may be required to pay other costs like of the police certificates, the health assessment or any other test that will be requested. You are eligible to working holiday visa(subclass 417) if you are18 years of age but you have not attained 31 years if you have no dependent child who will be accompanying you and you must have a valid  passport from your eligible country. One can apply working holiday visa (subclass 417) online but if you are not able you must lodge paper application form.

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