Orphan Relative (subclass 117) is a type of visa that allows the child to travel to Australia and permanently live there with the sponsoring relative.   The child must be less than 18 years and the child must be single. Orphan Relative (subclass 117) is a permanent type of visa and one is entitled to pay a cost of AUD 1480. The child is required to lodge the visa application when outside Australia and the child must be in a situation where the parents are in a position of not been able to give better care. The sponsoring relative can be a sister, brother, grandparent, uncle or uncle. The sponsoring relative must be 18 years and above and must be the Australian citizen and a permanent Australian resident. The sponsoring relative normally applies this visa for a child. The child can apply for orphan relative (subclass 117) visa if the parents are dead, incapable of providing care to the child or are nowhere to be found. However, the child cannot apply for orphan relative (subclass 117) visa if the parents are present but it is only that the parent does not want to take care of the child. If the child parents are not found, there must be a supporting document to show for how long the parent went missing. Orphan relative (subclass117) is not granted if it is against the interest of the child of is less than 18 years. Sometimes the assurance support of the child is requested but if it is not you are advised not to give it.   A child must meet health requirements. The child is advised not to arrange for health examination unless if requested to do so. The child who is 16 years old and above must meet character requirements. The child must give the police certificate from the country lived for  not less than 12 months in  10 years of turning 16 years of age. The child is advised not to arrange for police certificate unless when requested to do so. Before making an application of orphan relative (subclass 117) visa, a child must make sure there is no outstanding debt that belongs to the Australian government.

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