Partner visa (subclass 801 820) is a visa that allows the partner or the spouse of an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen and a permanent residence to live in Australia. The temporary partner visa (subclass 820) is issued first as you wait for permanent partner visa (subclass 801).  To be eligible for partner visa (subclass 801 820) you are required to be married by Australian citizen or have a de facto relationship.  Your marriage with your partner must be valid under the Australia laws and you must be in de facto relationship for  not less than 12 months.   The marriage age according to Australia laws id 16 years of age. You apply for both visas at the same time but you only pay one fee.   If you are already granted temporary visa which is subclass 820, then you are eligible for permanent visa (subclass 801) after a duration of 2 years after you lodged the application.  If you had a long relationship with your partner during the time of application, then you may be granted the permanent visa immediately. If the visa you are holding is about to end, you can stay in Australia on bridging visa if at all you have lodged the application. In partner visa, you must have a sponsor who is usually your partner unless your partner is under 18 years. The sponsorship ends 2 years after you have been granted the partner visa.  You must meet certain health and character requirements. Make sure that you do not have debt that belongs to the Australian government.  You might not be eligible for partner visa of you had your visa canceled or refused while you were in Australia. You must be in Australia the time you are lodging the application and when the decision for subclass 820 is made.

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