Resident return visa is a type of  visa that facilitates some former Australian permanent residents and Australian citizens and current permanent residents.  Both subclass 155 and 157 are permanent visas and allows you to travel, stay and work in Australia, enroll in Medicare, you can sponsor a relative for permanent resident and you can travel to and from Australia as many times as you can.  The visa granted depends on the information you submitted during the application. The resident return visa is required if the travel facility of the current visa is expired or it is about to expire. You are eligible to resident return visa (subclass 155 157) if you have a valid passport, you are a permanent Australian resident, you are a former permanent resident and your last permanent visa was canceled or you are a former citizen who renounced or lost the citizenship. If at all you have resided 2 years in Australia or you are a permanent resident who has not change the date of birth or name since you were granted the visa, then you are in a place to apply for a resident return visa online.  However you can also apply for a resident return visa online even though you have not stayed in Australia for 2 years or you have changed the names and date of birth, but make sure that you attach the supporting documents. Subclass 155 takes 7 days to be processed while subclass 157 takes 47 days. You are not eligible for resident return visa if your permanent visa was canceled.  You are not required to include the family members when applying resident return visa (subclass 155 157). Each family member is required to complete his own application form. You are required to comply with the visa conditions and Australia laws.

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