Special class visa (subclass 444) is a type of visa that allows the New Zealand citizens to live, work and study in Australia. To be eligible for special class visa (subclass 444) you must be New Zealand citizen, you must meet the health and character requirements, you must have completed the incoming passenger card and you must have a valid New Zealand passport. Though Australia and New Zealand have health care agreement, it is advisable to have another health insurance to cover items that were not covered by the agreement. Special class visa (subclass 444) allows New Zealand citizens to stay in Australia but New Zealand citizens do not enjoy same benefits which Australian citizen or permanent resident can enjoy. Special category visa (subclass 444) allows you to stay in Australia, study and work. The special category visa (subclass 444) is valid from the time you are granted until the time you will leave Australia as long as you are New Zealand citizen. Though there is no cost charged for the application of this visa, you may be required to pay other costs like the cost for health assessments, for police certificates or any other certificate that may be required. You are required to apply for this visa on the arrival to Australia but in some cases, you can apply after you have arrived Australia.

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