Aged dependent relative visa (subclass114) is a type of permanent visa that costs AUD 3,945.  Aged dependent relative visa (subclass 114) allows the older people to travel to Australia if they have eligible relatives in Australia who provides financial support. You are eligible for aged dependent relative visa (subclass114) if you are dependent of a relative who is in Australia, you are single, you are old enough to qualify for Australian age pension and if you have somebody who will give the assurance of support. You must meet the health and character requirements. The health results are only valid for 12 months only. You are advised not to arrange for health examination unless you are requested to do so. You are advised not to apply for aged dependent relative visa (subclass114) unless you have assurance that you will be successful. This is because if at all you will not qualify, the visa application charge is never refunded. You must be sponsored by a relative and the sponsor might be 18 years and above, an Australian citizen and a permanent residence. You must prove that you are dependent to a relative who is in Australia for the financial support of basic needs and this support must have continued for at least 3 years.  You must be of age that is qualified for aged pension in Australia. You are required to sign Australian Values Statements as a confirmation that you will comply with Australia laws and respect Australian way of life. The Australian Values Statement is included in the visa application form. You must make sure you are free from any debt that belongs to Australian government. The application of aged dependent relative visa (subclass 114) is subject the queuing and capping arrangements this is due to high demand. Aged dependent relative visa (subclass 114) allows you to stay, apply for citizenship and travel and from Australia for 5 years.

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