Aged dependent relative visa (subclass 838) is type of a permanent visa meant for elderly who want to stay permanently in Australia with their eligible relatives who will offer to them financial support.  To be eligible for aged dependent relative visa (subclass 838), you must be dependent to a relative who resides in Australia, you must be single, you must be old enough to receive Australian aged pensions and you must have somebody to give assurance support. You must meet the dependency requirements, character and health requirements for you to qualify to aged dependent relative visa (subclass838). You are advised not to apply for this visa unless you believe that you are going to qualify, this is because the visa application charge is never refunded if your visa is refused or you withdrawal the application.  You must be sponsored on this visa. Your sponsor must be 18 years, the Australian citizen or authorized New Zealand citizen and a permanent resident. You must prove that you wholly dependent of your relative who is in Australia for financial and basic needs and the support must have continued for at least 3 years before you lodge your application.  You are advised not to arrange for either police certificate or health examinations unless when requested to do so. You are required to sign Australian Values Statement as a way of confirming that you are to comply with Australia laws and way of life.  You must clear all the debt that belongs to Australian government if you have any before the visa is granted. Due to high demand of aged dependent relative visa (subclass 838), the visa application is subjected to capping and queuing. The aged de pendent relative visa (subclass 838) is paid in instalments.  You must be in Australia when lodging the application and when the visa is granted.

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