You are required to have bridging visa for you to be allowed to stay lawfully in Australia before the decision is made for the application substantive visa. Bridging visa B-BVB (subclass 020) visa permits one to go  and then return to the Australia while the application of the new visa is processed.  You can apply for bridging visa B-BVB if you are inside Australia and you are holding bridging visa class A.  Bridging visa B is a type of temporary visa that it allows you to go out of Australia and come back while the application of the substantive visa is processed. However, if you return to Australia before your visa is being processed, you can be allowed to stay lawfully in Australia. BVB permits you to go out and come back to Australia during a particular time while the substantive visa is processed.  The travel period expires the time BVB is issued. You are required to apply for BVB not less than 2 weeks before you travel. You are required to pay AUD 145 for BVB.  You are required to be inside Australia during the lodging of the visa application. You cannot apply BVB visa when you are outside Australia.  The BVB expires after you have been granted substantive visa. You are required to comply with visa conditions and Australia laws.

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