Bridging visa is needed if the substantive visa expires before you are granted another visa and you are in your process to leave Australia. Bridging visa D is a type of temporary visa and it  allows you to remain in Australia lawfully for specified short time.   Bridging visa D does not allow one either to re-enter or work in Australia and if you try to work, then your Bridging visa D may be canceled. There are two types of bridging visa D that is subclass 040 and subclass 041. Bridging visa D-BVD-(subclass 040 and 041) is a visa that permits you to stay in Australia inn short time basis until when you complete the application of substantive visa and when it is granted. You are eligible for subclass 040 if you are in Australia and you are not holding any visa that is about to expire and if you have tried to apply a substantive visa without success. You are  in a place to be granted subclass 040 if you are in Australia and you are not holding any visa and if you are unable or you  do not want to apply for the substantive visa. You are not charged any amount in bridging visa D application. You must be in Australia when bridging visa D application is lodged and when it is decided. Subclass 040 and 041ceases five working days after the being granted. You are required to follow visa conditions and Australia laws.

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