Contributory aged parent visa (subclass 864) is a permanent visa that allows the parents of an Australian citizen who is a permanent residence or eligible New Zealand citizen to live permanently in Australia.  You can apply for subclass 884 visa temporary visa before you apply for subclass 864 visa.  To be eligible for contributory aged parent visa (subclass 864) you must have a child who is an Australian citizen and a permanent residence or eligible New Zealand citizen. Your child must be able to receive Australian pension and at least half of the number of your children must be living in Australia more than other country. The minimum age for Australian age pension may be 65 years or more depending on the place you were born. You must be sponsored for this visa and the sponsor must be 18 years and above.  A sponsor can sponsor more than one parent and the sponsor is responsible for financial and other responsibilities listed. You must meet the health and certain character requirements and you must get the assurance of support. You must make sure that you do not have any debt that belongs to the Australian government. You may not be eligible for contributory aged parent visa (subclass 864) if you had a visa that was canceled or refused while you were in Australia. This visa allows you to stay, work and study in Australia, you can sponsor an eligible relative, apply for Australian citizenship and travel to and from Australia for 5 years.  Contributory aged parent visa (subclass 864) is paid in 2 installments and the cost is AUD 19,750 though you might pay the extra cost for health assessments, biometrics, and police certificates. You are required to be in Australia when applying for the visa and when the decision is made. The visa starts the date when it is granted.

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