Former resident visa (subclass 151) is a visa that allows a former permanent resident to live in Australia as a permanent resident. The visa also allows people who have ever served in the Australian defense force to be permanent residents of Australia. To be eligible for a former resident visa (subclass 151) you must have spent 9 years in Australia before you turned 18 years of age, you must be less than 45 years, you must have never been an Australian citizen, and you must have kept personal ties and close business with Australia. You must meet the health and character requirements. The validity of health results are 12 months only. You are  not required  to arrange for health examinations or police certificate unless you are requested to do so.  You are to give police certificate from the country you have lived for 12 months and above for ten years after you turned 16 years. Make sure that you do not have any outstanding debt belonging to Australia government. If you are in Australia and you want to apply former resident visa (subclass151), you must be holding current substantive visa but the last visa you were holding must not be subclass 771. You are advised to apply for this visa if at you are aware that you will be successful, this is because if your visa is refused or withdrawn there will be no refund. You are required to enter Australia before the date given and you are required to comply with visa conditions and Australia laws.

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