Maritime crew visa is a type of temporary visa. Maritime crew visa (subclass 988) is a type of visa that permits the foreign crew on a non-military ship on the international voyage to enter Australia via sea. Maritime crew visa takes 3- 5 days to be processed. You can be eligible for maritime crew visa (subclass 988) if you are a crew member that is on international voyage, you are not in Australia, if you are not a citizen of Australia and if you are leaving Australia by sea.  The ship must have approval from the Australian department, must be owned and operated by the foreign government, must be used for commercial purposes and must be carrying paying passengers.  If you have the infectious disease when entering Australia, then the ship master must let know quarantine authorities of Australia.  Remember that you will responsible for your health cost as you will not be allowed to enroll in Medicare. It is mandatory you meet the character requirements listed. You are required to give police certificate from the country you have lived for at least 12 months for about ten years after you turned 16 years of age. You are advised not to arrange for police certificate unless if you are requested to do so. Before making application for maritime crew visa (subclass 988), make sure that you do not have any outstanding debt that belongs to government of Australia. If at all you Australian government, make an arrangement of repaying before the visa is granted. There are no costs charged in the application of maritime crew visa (subclass 988). You are not allowed to use maritime crew visa to enter, work and stay in Australia. You are required to apply maritime crew visa (subclass 988) when you are outside Australia and you must comply with visa conditions and Australia laws.

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