Business( short stay) visa (subclass 456) is a type of temporary visa that permits one to visit Australia and stay there for up to 3 months for business purposes. You are eligible for business (short stay) visa (subclass 456) if you are traveling Australia for business or any other business related activity like if you are attending business seminars, conventions, conferences or networking.  Business (short stay) visa (subclass 456) has closed doors for new applications but you can apply for subclass 400.   Once the visa is expired, you cannot reapply to extend the visa. The visa allows you to enter Australia for 3 months only and you are not allowed to work while you are in Australia. You are required to comply with the visa conditions and Australia laws the time you will be in Australia. You are not required to do other activities apart from those listed on the visa and you are not allowed to do the work that can be done by the Australian citizen.  You must let know the department of any changes that have occurred including marital status, residential or death.

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