Business skills (provisional) visa (subclass 160 and 165) has closed doors for new applications. The visa was meant for the people who are termed to be successful in businesses or the investment career.   The visa was also meant for people who had a genuine commitment to the business in Australia.  Business skills(provisional) visa( subclass 160 and 165)  allowed you to start a business in Australia, you were allowed to travel to and fro as many times as wished, you were allowed to have your family in Australia and you were allowed to apply for permanent residence. Your family members have a privilege to apply for this visa if at all you are visa holder.   All applicants willing to apply this visa were required to be outside Australia.  When applying for business skills (provisional) visa (subclass 160 and 165), you were permitted to add dependent children or the partner’s children. The dependent children must be below 18 years and should not married or in a relationship.  When adding a dependent child, you were required to fill form 47BT.  The family members added in this visa must be either the partner, dependent relative or the children.  When applying for business (provisional) visa (subclass 160 and 165) you were required to meet health and certain character requirements. You and the family members were required to pass the English Language Testing System to prove that you have English language skills.  It was mandatory you give a police certificate from the country you have lived for at least 12 months for about ten years after you turned 16 years.  The health results submitted were valid for 12 months only and you were advised not to arrange for health examinations unless you were requested to do so. You were required to clear any outstanding debt that belonged to the government of Australia before you were granted a visa. You were allowed to withdraw the visa application before the decision on the visa application was made.

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