Electronic travel authority (visitor) visa (subclass 976) has closed doors for new applications in 2013 and now you can apply subclass 601. The visa allows you to travel to Australia for holidays, or as a tourist or for the informal study. You were only eligible for electronic travel authority (visitor) visa (subclass 976) if you were outside Australia and if you were the holder of electronic travel authority passport. The visa started from the date you were granted.  The visa allowed to you enter and leave as many times as you wished and the visa allowed you to stay in Australia for 3 months in each visit you made. You were required to follow visa conditions and Australian laws. For you to be granted electronic travel authority(visitor) visa (subclass 976) you were required to be free from tuberculosis, you were not supposed to have record  of criminal activity, you were not to train or study for more than 3 months and you were not allowed to work  while you were in Australia. You were required to tell the department of any changes of circumstances that have occurred. You were to report changes through ImmiAcccount and if you were not able to use ImmiAccount you were advised to used form 929 and form 1022.

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