Employer nomination scheme visa (subclass 121 and 856) closed doors for new applications in 2012 but you are allowed to add dependent child if the decision is not yet made. The visa is meant for skilled workers who are from overseas and the skilled temporary resident who is residing in Australia.  The employer nomination scheme (subclass 121 and 856) allows you and your dependent family member who is included in visa application form to live permanently in Australia.  The visa allows you to study, live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. The Employer Nomination Scheme allowed the employers who are Australian citizens to sponsor their employees for a permanent work in Australia. You may be required to pay extra charges for the health assessments, the police certificates and any other certificate that may be required apart from the application fees.  Employer nomination scheme (subclass 121 and 856) allows you to enroll in Medicare, sponsor a family member,  you can access some social security payments, you can apply for citizenship, and travel to and fro to Australia as many times as you wish for five years. You and your family members in the application form are required to comply with the visa conditions and the Australian laws.  The employer is required to comply with the Australian standards for both wages and the working conditions.  If you made a change, you are required to tell the department about the changes because if you do not tell them you may experience a delay in the airport or even been denied to board a plane.

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