Established business in Australia visa (subclass 845) has closed doors for new applications although the not for family members if your visa is not decided yet. The established business in Australia visa (subclass 845) is a type of permanent visa that allows you to travel to and from Australia for 5 years. You only eligible for the established business in Australia visa (subclass 845) if you a holder of temporary resident visa if you have been in Australia as a temporary resident for 272 days if you have the ownership interest that is well proven by the successful businesses in Australia. You are allowed to add family members in your visa application form before your visa application is decided. For you to add a dependent child, you are required to complete form 47BT. You and all the family members listed in the visa application form must meet the character and health requirements.  You are to give police certificate from the country you have lived for at least 12 months for about ten years after you turned 17 years. You are not required to arrange for either health examination or a police certificate by yourself unless if asked to do so. Make sure that you have cleared all the debt that belongs to the government of Australia before the visa is granted. You can lodge the visa application forms in person, or courier, fax or by registered post and address the forms to Adelaide office which is found in South Australia. After lodging the application, the department will acknowledge the receipt of the forms.  If you applied established business in Australia visa (subclass 845) while you were outside Australia, do not make an arrangement of traveling until when the decision is made.  However, if you applied while you were in Australia you are required to apply bridging visa that allows you to stay lawfully in Australia. Once you are granted the visa, you are informed by the management of the grant number, conditions that are attached to the visa and the how you will use the visa.

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