Government agreement visa (subclass 406) is a type of visa meant for people who want to enter Australia under the bilateral agreement that is between Australia and another country or the British Council, Goethe Institute, Alliance Franchise and Italian cultural institute. You are eligible for government agreement visa (subclass 406) if you are undertaking the work assigned in accordance to the terms in the Agreement or if you are directing the operations of one of the  organizations.   Government agreement visa (subclass 406) allows you to enter and leave while your visa is valid, you are allowed to bring your family with you to Australia, you are allowed to direct operations of a particular listed company and you can do the work that is specified in the agreement.  Any other person who is listed in the visa application form must be part of your family and must Australia the same time with you or after you but you must leave Australia together or he leaves before you. While you are in Australia, you and any other family member listed in the visa application is required to have health insurance, you and your family members listed in the visa applications must meet the Australia tax obligations and all other requirements needed before the visa is granted.  You are not allowed to work in a place that was not listed during application time, you are not allowed to work for yourself and you are allowed to work for the employer was listed in the visa application form. You and anybody who is in the visa application is required to follow visa conditions and Australia laws. You are required to read carefully all the conditions listed.  However, government agreement visa (subclass 406) has closed doors for new applications since 2012.

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