Medical practitioner visa (subclass 422) has closed door for new applications, you cannot be able to apply for this visa.  Medical practitioner visa (subclass 422) was valid between three months and four years after the date you first entered Australia.  Medical practitioner visa (subclass 422) allowed you to work for four years, you were allowed to bring you relative to Australia and you were allowed to travel in and out of Australia many times as you wished as long as your visa was still valid. You and your family were required to follow visa conditions and the Australia laws.  You were not allowed to stop working for the employer who sponsored you and in the place, you were nominated. If at all your employment ended, you were required to look for another person who was willing to sponsor you, or apply for another visa or even leave Australia before your visa expired.  You were required to have enough medical insurance as you were responsible for you’re the health cost.   Medical practitioner visa (subclass 422) required all the holders to comply with the Australia tax laws. If you had changes in circumstances that had occurred, you were required to tell the department, where failure to this may have led to experiencing a delay in the airport or being refused to board the plane.  You were to report changes using ImmiAccount  but if you were not able to access the ImmiAccount, you were required to use form 929  or form 1022.

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