Medical treatment (short stay) visa (subclass 675) is a type of visa that permits one to travel and stay in Australia for about 3 months with an aim of getting medical treatment or consultations and related reasons.  The visa lasts the day you were granted a letter advising you that you were granted a visa. You can apply for another visa if the treatment has to continue after the visa expires.  You may apply and be granted the next visa before your current visa expires.  The visa permits you to stay in Australia and you can study for up to three months. You might be able to study for more than 3 months if at you all less than 18 years and you have a permission letter written by a minister.  You may also apply for medical treatment (short-term) visa (subclass 675) if you want to travel to give emotional support or any other support while you are waiting for your treatment.  You are expected to leave Australia before the visa expires.  You are required to tell the department if there are changes in any situation.  This may be changed in residential, passport, divorce, separation or death to name but a few. Medical treatment (short stay) visa (subclass 675) has closed new applications. However, you may apply subclass 602 if at all you want to travel to Australia for medical treatments and consultations.

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