Religious worker visa (subclass 428) is a temporary type of visa meant for religious workers who worked for fulltime basis in Australia.   The religious worker visa (subclass 428) is valid for the 2 years.  Religious worker visa (subclass 428) permits you to work fulltime as a religious worker, stay in Australia for the nominated period, you can bring your family to Australia and you can leave and enter Australia as many times as you like for the time your visa is valid. You and any family member in the visa application form are required to follow visa conditions and the Australia laws. All members included in the visa application form must meet health and character requirements.  You must have good health insurance arrangements for the time you will spend in Australia. You must not be involved in any disruptive activities.  If you stop working for your sponsor, then you must be sponsored by someone else who is an Australian citizen, or you can apply for another visa or leave Australia when your visa ends. Though you can include your family members to the visa application, your family members cannot enter Australia before you and if your visa expires you must leave Australia with your family members. Religious worker visa (subclass 428) has closed door for new applications but you can apply subclass 401 if you wish to travel to Australia.

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