Retirement visa is a type of temporary visa that does not lead to permanent residence. Retirement visa (subclass 410) is a visa that is meant for retirees who may want to spend years of retirement in Australia. Retirement visa (subclass 410) has closed doors for new applications. You are eligible for retirement visa (subclass 410) if you are a holder of the existing subclass 410 visa and if you do not hold any other substantive visa. The retirement visa (subclass 410) permits you to work, stay and travel and stay in Australia. Retirement visa (subclass 410) does not allow you to apply for citizenship.  You must have a valid passport to be granted retirement visa.  If you have changed, you are required to let know the immigration department immediately.  The retirement visa (subclass 410) is valid for ten years from the day you were granted.  Subclass 410 is meant for self-funded retirees.  You are not eligible for any medical cover, therefore you will be responsible for your health support.   When applying retirement visa (subclass 410) you are required to pay non-refundable application fees. You can make payment through credit card or banker’s cheque that is payable to the department of home affairs. Remember payment vide cash is not acceptable. You will be required to pay other charges for health assessment, police certificates and any other certificates that may be required.

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