Skilled designated area sponsored visa (subclass 496)  has now closed the doors for the new applications.  Skilled designated area sponsored visa (subclass 496) allowed people to live, study and work in Australia. The visa also allowed people to be eligible for permanent residence.   As an applicant, you were eligible for skilled designated area sponsored visa (subclass 496) if you were below 45 years if you had perfect English skills if you had recent working experience and if you had the required qualifications to the visa applied. Though the skilled designated area sponsored visa (subclass 496) has closed doors for a new application you can apply subclass 489.  Skilled designated area sponsored visa (subclass 496) was valid for only for years from the day you entered Australia. This visa allowed you to travel in and out of Australia as many times you want as long the visa was still valid. You and the family members who were included in the visa application form were required to follow visa conditions and Australia laws.   If you made changes in your circumstances like changed the address, passport, if you became pregnant, divorce, marriage or death to name but a few, you were required to tell the department as soon as possible. You were required to report any changes using ImmiAccount but if   ImmiAccount was not available you were to use form 929 and form 1022.  If at all you refused to give information of the new passport, you were likely to experience a delay at the airport.

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