Skilled independent regional (provisional) visa (subclass 495) closed doors for new application in September 2007.  Skilled independent regional (provisional) visa (subclass 495).  Your family members are eligible for subclass 489 which is s skilled regional (provisional) visa if you a holder of skilled independent regional (provisional) visa (subclass 495).  This visa was valid for four years only from the date you entered Australia. The visa allowed you to live, study and work in Australia, you are able to apply for permanent residence and you were allowed to travel in and out as many times as you wished as long your visa is valid. The skilled independent regional (provisional) visa (subclass 495) did not allow you to enroll in Medicare or any other benefits enjoyed by Australia citizens.  It was a must you and your family members to comply with the visa conditions and Australia laws.  You are to give information of any changes in circumstances that have occurred. Failure to give information may have led to delay in the airport or even denial of the boarding the plane. Changes in circumstances may relate to marital status, residential address, passport, names, and family to name but a few. You were required to give information on the changes that have occurred through ImmiAccount but if you were not able to access this account you were advised to use for 929 and form 1022.

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