Skilled Independent visa (subclass 175) closed doors for new applications in 2012. The visa used the point test and it allowed you as an applicant to migrate to Australia. You were eligible for skilled independent visa (subclass 175) if you had competent English that would attribute to the Australian economy. You were also eligible for skilled independent visa (subclass 175) if you were below 50 years and if you had qualifications and skills that met the Australian standards. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 175) was subject to the capping and ceasing the arrangements that were 2015. The applications that were not yet decided by September 2015 were regarded as if they were not made. The visa allowed you to stay in Australia permanently, to work, enroll in Medicare and you were able to apply for citizenship.  The visa allowed you to sponsor a relative to be a permanent residence and the skilled independent visa (subclass 175) allowed you to travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for five years from the date you were granted a visa. You and your family members were required to comply with the visa conditions and Australia laws while in Australia. You were required to give information about any changes that have occurred this may be changes of names, new passports, and change in marital status and residence.  You were required to give information through ImmiAccount but if you were not able to use ImmiAccount, you were to use form 929 and form 1022. If you never gave any information about the changes, then you were to expect a delay at the airport or even being denied permission to board the plane.

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