Doors for new applications of skilled independent visa (subclass 885) were closed in 2013.  Skilled independent visa (subclass 885) was meant for international students who had already completed their course studies for the latest six months in Australia and who were holders of a temporary visa and they wanted to be permanent residents. You were eligible for a skilled independent visa (subclass 885) if you were an international student and if you were the holder of either subclass 471 or subclass 476 visas.  In addition, to be eligible for a skilled independent visa you were required to be less than 50 years, have competent English kills and you were required to meet the qualifications of Australia standards. You were required to be Australia when the skilled independent visa (subclass 885) was being granted. You were never allowed to lodge a new application for a skilled independent visa (subclass 885) but if there was no decision that was made in regard to the visa application, then your family member was allowed to lodge a combined application. You were required to meet both health and character requirements, though you were advised not to arrange for the police certificate and health examinations before you were requested to do so.   You were required to clear any debt belonging to the government of Australia before the visa was been granted. If you were to apply for this visa while in Australia, you were required to have a bridging visa that would allow you to stay in Australia lawfully while waiting for your visa to be processed. Bridging B allowed one to travel outside Australia. You were allowed to give more information before the decision about the visa application was made. In case somebody else gave information that could result from your visa been refused, then you were to give the department opportunity to comment on your application.  If you were called for an interview, you were required to bring all the requirements needed. You were allowed to withdraw your visa application before the decision was made and this was done by sending the email.

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