Skilled regional sponsored (subclass 487) is a type of visa that permits you to live, study and work in Australia particularly in specified regional areas for a duration of three months.  You can only qualify to be a permanent resident if you have stayed in specified regional areas for about 2 years and if you have worked for one year on a full-time basis.  You are eligible for this visa if you are or former international student who holds subclass 485, if you are a holder of subclass 471, 417,442 and 476.  When applying for skilled regional sponsored (subclass 487) you are required to be under 50 years, you have met required skills and qualifications and if you have competent English language skills. You may be in a place to apply for skilled regional (provisional) (subclass 489) even though skilled regional sponsored (subclass 487) closed doors for new applications. If you had applied skilled regional sponsored (subclass 487) and the decision for the visa application is not yet made, you are allowed to add dependent child any time before the visa is granted. You are not permitted to add any other family member in the visa application form.  The skilled regional sponsored (subclass 487) visa is valid until the date listed in the grant letter. The skilled regional sponsored (subclass 487) visa allows you to study in a specified regional area in Australia. You are required to comply with visa conditions and Australian laws while you are in Australia. If you are not to comply with the visa conditions, your visa may be canceled or you may not be able to get a similar visa in future. You are required to tell the department of the changes in circumstances that have occurred to avoid delays in the airport or refusal of boarding a plane.

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