Skilled sponsored visa (subclass 176) closed doors for a new application. The skilled sponsored visa (subclass 176) was subject to capping and ceasing arrangement that was in September 2015. If the visa application decision was not made by 22 September of that year, then the application was taken not to have been made.  To be eligible for a skilled sponsored visa (subclass 176), you are required to less than 50 years, you must have competent English skills, you must have relatives who are living in Australia in a designated area and you must have the required qualifications that meet the Australian standards for occupations. Skilled sponsored visa (subclass 176) allows you to stay indefinitely in Australia, you are allowed to apply for citizenship, you can enroll in Medicare, you are permitted to sponsor a relative and you can travel to and fro Australia for five years.  You are required to follow visa conditions and the Australian laws while you are in Australia. It is advisable to tell the department in charge about the changes that you have made in order to avoid delays in the airport and refusal of boarding a plane.

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