Sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679) closed doors for the new applications in 2013 but you may apply subclass 600. Sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679) was a type of visa that allowed people to travel for holiday in Australia or allowed people to visit their family that resided in Australia. Sponsor family visitor visa (subclass 679) was lodged in Australia by the person who was to sponsor you. The sponsorship ended the time you when you left Australia this is because sponsored could not be canceled while the visa was still valid. As a sponsor, you were required to be responsible for all costs imposed by the government of Australia.  To be eligible for a sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679) you must be a genuine sponsor and have a genuine intention of visiting a family that resides in Australia or for a holiday.   You are allowed to enter Australia after holding sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679). The visa started the day you were granted. Sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679) allowed you to visit family and engage in tourist activities. Sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679) allowed a person to study for 3 months only while in Australia.  Sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679) required everybody in listed in the visa application form to following visa conditions and Australia laws. Failure to follow laws, the sponsor was not permitted to sponsor any other person for five years and it would to an extent of the sponsor losing the security bond. The visa did not let to leave and re-enter Australia as many times as one wished, once you left Australia one could not re-enter.  The sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679) did not allow one to work or extend the stay after the visa expired.

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