Sponsored visa (subclass 886) closed doors for the new applications in January 2013. Sponsored visa (subclass 886) is a type of visa that was meant for students who had completed their studies in Australia.  Sponsored visa (subclass 886) was also meant for the people who were holding temporary visas and they were planning to apply to be permanent residents.  You could be eligible for sponsored visa (subclass 886) if you were international student either current or former, if you were holding subclass 485 and subclass 471.sponsored visa (subclass 886) required one to be sponsored by the relative who was living in Australia, you were required to under 50 years and was a must to have competent English skills and you were required to meet the Australian occupation standards. The applicant was required to meet health and character requirements.  As an applicant, you were required to make sure that you did not owe the government of Australia before you were granted a visa. After you lodge the application, you were assigned to an officer who was to conduct an interview and later make a decision. If you applied for this visa while you were in Australia, you get a bridging visa that allowed you to stay lawfully in Australia while your visa is being processed. If at all you were issued a visa bridging A you were able to apply for bridging B that allowed you to travel outside Australia as you waited for the decision to be made about sponsored visa (subclass 886). As an applicant, you were allowed to withdraw the visa application before the decision was made this was done by sending an email or a letter to the department asking them for withdrawal. All the applicants who were above 18 years of age who needed withdrawal they were to sign the request form for withdrawal.  You were notified the time to use the visa, the visa number, and visa conditions once you were granted a visa.

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