Sport visa (subclass 421) is a type of visa that closed the doors for new application but you can apply subclass 408 which is a temporary visa. Sport visa (subclass 421) is a type of visa meant for professions sports people, the adjudicators and the judges who wanted to come to Australia with an aim of participating in sport. Sport visa (subclass 421) was valid for the period dated on the nominated place where the greatest period was 2 years only. The sport visa (subclass 421) allowed you as an applicant to take part in the high-level competitions and you could train with the Australian residents.  Sport visa (subclass 421) allowed you to bring your family members to Australia either to work or study. This visa allowed you to leave and re-enter Australia as many times as possible.  Sport visa (subclass 421) required you and your family members who are listed in the visa application form to following visa conditions and Australian laws. You are required to have enough health insurance for you and your family members while you are in Australia.  Sport visa (subclass 421) never allowed you to stop working for the employer who sponsored you and the visa also did not allow you to engage in the work inconsistent with the nominated place.  If you stopped working for the employer who sponsored you, then you were supposed to be sponsored by another employer, or apply for another visa or even you were required to leave Australia before your visa expired. If you needed to change the employer or place, you were not required to apply for another visa unless if the visa was expired.  Before you were allowed to work in a new place, you were required to be first nominated by the proposed new sponsor. You were required to tell the department of any change in circumstances if it occurred.

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