Superyacht crew visa (subclass 488) no longer receives new applications since November 2016 but you can apply a temporary visa subclass 408.  Superyacht crew visa (subclass 488) was a type of that allowed the crew members work on a board the Superyacht in Australia and also stay for 12 months in Australia.  To be eligible for Superyacht crew visa (subclass 488) you were required to be crew member employed as Superyacht and you must be sponsored by approved Superyacht crew member. Superyacht crew visa (subclass 488) was valid for 12 months after the date it was granted.  The visa allowed you to enter Australia many times you wanted and it allowed you to work for Superyacht sponsor.  You were only allowed to work for the nominated place only. You were required to comply with the visa conditions and Australia laws while you were in Australia. If your employment ceases, you were advised to look for another employer who was ready to sponsor you, or apply for another substantive visa and or even leave Australia 28 days before the visa expired. You were required to tell the department of any changes that may have occurred.

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