Special program visa (subclass 416) is a visa that its main aim is to enhance the international relations and the cultural exchange. This is by permitting people to share their cultural, knowledge, skills and social experiences with Australian community by participating in the cultural enrichment program, the language assistant program, the school interchange program and youth exchange program. You can apply special program visa (subclass 416) if you have been invited by the approved sponsor to take part in the approved programs.  Special program visa (subclass 416) closed doors for a new application in 2016 but you can also apply subclass 408.  Special program visa (subclass 416) is valid for the time that is specified in the agreement between the sponsoring organization and the department.  The visa allows you to take part in the special program that is approved, you can bring about Australia, you can work and study in Australia if work and study are part of the approved program. You and your family member are required to follow visa conditions and Australian laws while you are in Australia.  You are required to report any change in circumstances that has occurred to the department in charge, you can report changes using ImmiAccount or form 929 and form 1022 if you are not able to use ImmiAccount.

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