Temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457) is a type of visa that allows the skilled workers to travel to Australia to work in the places that they are nominated by their approved sponsors for four years.  You are eligible to temporary work(skilled) visa (subclass 457) if you have been sponsored by the approved business and if you have the required qualifications and skills.  You are required to have experience in the place you have been nominated. You must have skills in certain English language level for you to be eligible for temporary work(skilled) visa( subclass 457).  Temporary work (skilled) visa( subclass 457) was abolished in 2017 and was replaced with the new temporary skill shortage which its main aim is to support the business in genuine skill shortages. You can be outside or inside Australia when lodging your visa application. The visa allows you to bring your family member to Australia, to work in Australia for the defined period and to travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want after you have been granted a visa.  Before applying for temporary work(skilled) visa(subclass 457) you must make sure that your sponsor is approved and you have been nominated in a certain place.  You must is required to give you licensing and registration information. You must have a valid passport and other relevant traveling documents for you to be allowed to travel to Australia.  You are required to have adequate health insurance for the time you will spend in Australia. Your health insurance will cover you and your family members who are in visa application form.  In some circumstances, you are required to give police certificate before you lodge your visa application.  make sure that you have repaid all the outstanding debt that belongs to the government of Australia before the visa is granted.

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