Visiting Academic visa (subclass 419) closed doors for the new applications in 2012.  The visiting academic visa (subclass 419) is a professional academic visa that allows one to visit Australia temporarily to take part in the Australian research project in the tertiary and research institutions.  You are not in a place to receive any pay apart from the contribution which will cater to travel and living expenses.  You are eligible for this visa if you are academically sponsored and if you are nominated by the approved Australian tertiary institution.   Visiting Academic visa (subclass 419) allows you to enter and stay in Australia, to do research which is specified in the visa application and you are allowed to bring your family members with you.  You are required to have enough health insurance for the time you will spend in Australia. You have to work for the place specified in your visa and not any other place.  You are not required to receive salary without permission.  In case of any changes, you are required to inform the department immediately failure to it may lead to you being delayed in the airport or even you may be refused to board a plane.  The changes can be of marital status, the area of residence or even death. The changes can only be made through the use of ImmiAccount, but if you are not able to use this account you apply to fill forms 929 and 1022.

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