Domestic worker (temporary) diplomatic and consular visa (subclass 426) applications were closed in 2012. The domestic worker(temporary) diplomatic and consular visa(subclass 426)  is a temporary visa that allowed domestic workers to stay temporary and who plans to be employed fulltime in the house of the aggregated diplomat in Australia.  To apply for this visa you must be above 18 years, you are willing to be employed as a domestic worker and you must have a letter of support from the department of the foreign affairs and trade.  The length of the visa depends on the personal circumstances and that of your employer.  Domestic worker (temporary) diplomatic and consular visa (subclass 426) allows you to enter and work in Australia as a domestic worker and you are allowed to enter and leave Australia as long as your visa is valid.  You are required to comply with the visa conditions and Australian laws.  You are supposed to have enough health insurance, meet the requirements listed in the visa application form and you must comply with the taxation obligations as highlighted in the Australia laws.  The visa does not allow you to work for another person and you are not allowed to stay in Australia if your employer leaves Australia permanently. Your employer is also your sponsor. The employer is required to give the better working conditions and minimum standards for the wages. You are required to tell the department about the changes you have made.

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